January 4, 2021

Swatters are hijacking smart devices to live-stream swatting incidents

The FBI is warning homeowners about the increase of smart devices being hijacked to record or live-stream swatting incidents. Swatting is when a fake call to law enforcement is placed to report a fake crime at a person’s home. These smart devices are easily being hijacked because the owners of these devices either use default passwords that can be found online, or reuse passwords found in data breaches and leaks. It’s advised that anyone using a smart device with video and audio capabilities tighten their security by using a complex and unique password, and use 2-factor authentication wherever possible.

Source - Swatters are hijacking smart devices

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Phone with Google Chrome's welcome page settings

Google patches major zero-day vulnerability flaw

June 27, 2023

A zero-day vulnerability has been patched by Google, and should be reaching you shortly.

Cyber Security
Phone laying on black red surface showing Google Chrome logo on screen

Google and iFixit partnership officially live

June 27, 2023

An announcement that was made a few months ago joining iFixit and Google together to sell OEM parts on iFixit's online store is finally live.

Mobile Devices
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Home office hacks to improve your working from home experience!

June 27, 2023

Working from home has taken the world by storm, and not exactly by choice. Here are a few tips and items that can help improve your work from home experience, as we know that not everyone has the system completely nailed down.