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July 1, 2022
Mobile Devices

Google and iFixit partnership officially live

Following on the heels of the April announcement, Google and Ifixit, an online technology parts store, team up together to offer parts for Pixel devices on the stores page. This is quite a big deal within the repair community, because prior to this deal there were not Pixel parts on iFixit's store. Taking a look at the online store, we can see that the selection is not too big, only numbering about six items for the Pixel 6 Pro. However, Google states that they are planning on expanding this further in the future, and iFixit says that it is just getting started. This excites us, because when we compare these parts to the huge selection of iPhone and other Apple parts, we can see some devices have upwards of 30 parts!

What does this mean for you?

This means that you will now be able to order parts for your Pixel 6 when something might break! Currently, the only options that we have available so far are fairly limited, allowing us to only buy the following;

Pixel 6 Pro Screen

Pixel 6 Pro Display Adhesive

Pixel 6 Pro Battery

Pixel 6 Pro Rear Camera

Pixel 6 Pro RF Battery

Pixel 6 Pro SOC Battery

Currently, we do not have an exact date when more parts will become available, but iFixit states that they will continue to add more types of parts to their catalogue, going all the way back to the Pixel 2! They have even stated that they will get parts available as soon as possible for the upcoming Pixel 6a, which is slated to launch at the end of July of this year.

How many more parts can we expect?

Jacob Sagan


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Phone laying on black red surface showing Google Chrome logo on screen

Google and iFixit partnership officially live

June 27, 2023

An announcement that was made a few months ago joining iFixit and Google together to sell OEM parts on iFixit's online store is finally live.

Mobile Devices
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