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November 18, 2020
Cyber Security

Phishing attacks are targeting your social network accounts

Scammers are stealing these accounts to use them to spread disinformation, run cryptocurrency scams, or sell them online to others. MalwareHunterTeam says that the two most common social media phishing scams are fake verification pages and fake copyright violation pages. The former scam promises users a verified checkmark if they provide their username and password. The latter scam warns users that they have 24 hours to log into their accounts to review and dispute a fake copyright claim. It’s important to note that these phishing scams also try to steal your email account which can be used by scammers to gain access to other accounts. The best way to combat against these scams is to make sure you have two-factor authentication setup on your accounts, including your email, and to never have the same password across different accounts. For more information, feel free to check out the link below.

Source: Phishing attacks are targeting your social network accounts

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New Windows 10 Vulnerability Allows Anyone to Get Admin Privileges

July 22, 2021

Windows 10 vulnerability using SAM registry entries allows local elevation privileges

Cyber Security

FBI warns of BEC scammers impersonating construction companies

June 10, 2021

The FBI has issued a warning to companies about scammers impersonating construction companies to target critical US infrastructure sectors.

Cyber Security

Over $80 million lost to cryptocurrency investment scams since October

June 10, 2021

The FTC reports that since October 2020 there has been more than $80 million dollar in losses due to cryptocurrency investment scams.