KCS Wizard Blog: Hertzbleed attack, pictured: CPU on motherboard with a timer icon overtop
June 17, 2022
Cyber Security

New Hertzbleed attack on Intel and AMD processors. Is it serious?

How does Hertzbleed work and what does it do?

Hertzbleed effects modern x86 CPUs, these power side-channel attacks can be triggered remotely to become timing attacks.

What is a timing attack?

A Timing attack is a security exploit that attackers can take advantage off to discover vulnerabilities in computers, servers, and network systems by simply learning how long it takes the system to respond to a variety of inputs.

What’s the security issue for the everyday people?

Normal users shouldn’t be too worried as both Intel and AMD have decided that there isn’t much reason to patch the issue. It’s important that Cryptographic developers should take into account special guidance to keep themselves protected. The average person shouldn’t be effected because studies show outside of a lab environment it’s not practical to be used by an attacker.




Dominik Skorynko


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