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April 12, 2021
Cyber Security

Microsoft warns of phishing attacks bypassing email gateways

There is an ongoing phishing campaign that has started abusing legitimate services to bypass secure email gateways to send phishing emails disguised as notifications from video conferencing services, security solutions, or productivity tools. Scammers are using compromised SendGrid and MailGun email accounts to take advantage of their trusted domains. They’re also abusing Amazon Simple Email Service to send these phishing emails, while the URLs used in these scams are being generated on Appspot. Microsoft is advising organizations to review their mail flow rules to catch any broad exceptions that could let these phishing emails through.

Source - Microsoft warns of phishing attacks bypassing email gateways

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Google patches major zero-day vulnerability flaw

July 5, 2022

A zero-day vulnerability has been patched by Google, and should be reaching you shortly.

Cyber Security
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Google and iFixit partnership officially live

July 5, 2022

An announcement that was made a few months ago joining iFixit and Google together to sell OEM parts on iFixit's online store is finally live.

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Home office hacks to improve your working from home experience!

July 1, 2022

Working from home has taken the world by storm, and not exactly by choice. Here are a few tips and items that can help improve your work from home experience, as we know that not everyone has the system completely nailed down.