fake invoice, impersonating Geek Squad with a large "SCAM!" stamped on top.
May 23, 2022
Cyber Security

Be Aware of Increased Email Scams

Take a moment to review out 5 tips when evaluating emails to see if you're at risk of getting scammed, DEALING WITH EMAIL SCAMS on our Cyber Safety blog. It's important for everyone to be aware that there's been an increase of email scams, and they have also become more sophisticated in recent years. Most emails that are scams are often found to have the following subject lines; Urgent, Request, Important, Payment, Attention characteristics, so be aware."81% have experienced an increase in email phishing attacks in the last 18 months" an IRONSCALES State of Cybersecurity Report survey found.

Everyone receives these scams, often they're designed to include personal information that might be easy to access, we wanted to highlight an email received by KCS Computer Technology that is a scam and was spotted by noticing the following:

screenshot of a scam email sent to KCS Computer Technology, with text on screen pointing identifiers of spam. "Wrong Logo", "No Name?", "Format isn't professional, not detailed, vague", "Fake address, fake email, fake phone number.", ""Geek Squad doesn't use QuickBooks".
Fake Geek Squad email scam received by KCS Computer Technology.
Screenshot of invoice attached in preview mail, with text pointing out the scam marks; "Fake Details", "Old Logo", "Urgent" and "no billing address"
Invoice attached to email, outlining clear scam identifying information.

When in doubt go to Google, and search for the company that's being used to send the invoice. Review the email address sending you the email, check to ensure that the formatting and services used are the correct ones to ensure you're dealing with the proper party. There's all sorts of scam out there, and Geek Squad isn't the only company being emulated, so stay vigilant, especially when emails look fishy because they could be trying to bait you into a phishing scam.

If you're ever in doubt with the email, go to a contact database that you have to contact the right party to check on an email you're questioning. Another way to act accordingly is to check with your IT Team or contact KCS Computer Technology, if you think you're at risk.

Dominik Skorynko


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