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KCS Computer Technology knows just how important it is to keep your customer data safe from any outside eyes. Retail and Food Services are crucial to keeping our communities running. At KCS you'll be in good hands, protecting your business and customer's data safe from the very beginning to beyond the completion of any transition. You'll be sure that all data is being taken care of safely and up to the latest standards.

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Your business relies on seamless transaction processes every day. KCS Technicians ensure that your systems are set up securely to ensure privacy and protection to all your customers. PCI Compliance is a big deal for KCS, customer payment information needs to be protected and secure from the moment the transaction start to even after the customer finishes their transaction. KCS Technicians are skilled in PCI Compliance and will work with you throughout the process to ensure your business is correctly using customer information and everything is kept as secure as possible.

Customer experience is another fundamental step in ensuring customer satisfaction. KCS Prides itself on being able to integrate 3rd party systems to ensure a seamless process for your customers and business. Eliminating friction throughout the process will leave your employees free from technology struggles, and able to provide the customer a great checkout experience. Whether a power outage or an issue with your systems, you can have peace of mind knowing your business is in good hands. With 24/7/365 and remote support, KCS Computer Technology has you covered.

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95% of breached records came from 3 industries in 2016: Government, retail, and technology.

worried about costs?

Don’t be. With KCS Computer Technology, you’ll able to create a contract that will ensure you never go over your budget. Our KCS Technicians will work with you to ensure your solution is the best it could be with the budget that is right for your business, large or big, there’s always a great IT solution for your business. KCS will ensure your business is as safe as possible no matter the budget.

What you can expect from KCS

Third Party Integration

KCS Technicians are always staying up-to-date with the latest innovation in industry-standard technology. KCS prides itself on the ability to integrate into many different systems to work together. Ensuring a simple workflow for your business.

24/7/365 Support

With 24/7/365 support KCS technicians are always there for you when you need it. KCS can help resolve any issues that my arise remotely and minimize any possible downtime due to travel. If an issue can't be resolved remotely, KCS technicians are always available to support on-site and get you up and running ASAP.

Disaster Recovery

KCS has developed strategies to keep your company’s data safe and taken care 24/7. Disasters are a worry of the past with us. Where it's a workstation or server, there's always a backup of your data to ensure no issues. Your business data is protected and secure away from any prying eyes.

PCI Compliance

The PCI Security Standards are established to enhance global payment data security; driving security, awareness, and effective implementation. KCS Technicians are highly skilled and capable to help your business start accepting payments securely.

Increased Security

KCS uses industry best services including Artificial Intelligence power tools for protection, activity detection, cloud security, and much more. Protecting your systems with on-device protection from future attacks with real time monitoring and responses to malicious activity threatening your network and systems.

Custom Solution

KCS Technicians stay up-to-date with the latest technology and software to be able to provide the best services to your business. When KCS starts to implement technology there's an analysis done to see what's the best way to implement a solution for your systems in place, or find a replacement solution that's best for your needs.


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